Macrame keychains are back in the shop.

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The same macramé knots that I make bracelets with but this time in the shape of owls.

They are handmade using polyester waxed thread. Don't think that just because it's a thread keychain it won't last long. The Brazilian thread I use is one of the best (although it sounds cliché, what can I say, but this time it is true), it has the right wax, no more, no less, to create durable and flexible keychains. The metal ring is also good quality, not the kind that bends.

You can carry your keychain at the bottom of your purse, in your pants pocket, hanging from the zipper of your backpack. It may bend, crush a little, but thanks to this thread you will be able to get it back into shape and the key ring will last you for years.

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