Bracelet packs

Thread bracelet packs so that you can stack as many as you want, because one bracelet is never enough. If you don’t want to go crazy choosing colors and styles, buy one of the already made packs. However, if you dare, you can create your own custom pack of bracelets.

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Buy packs of thread bracelets for friends

Bracelet packs are an awesome gift for friends and family. These bracelets for men and women are handmade using macrame technique, knot by knot, which add more value to the gift. These bracelet combos look great together but also can be worn separately or mix with other bracelets.

Each pack mix together different color palettes, from sets in pastel colors to bracelets in earth hues. You can shop these packs already made or be inspired by them and build your own personalized pack with the colors or bracelet styles that you like the best. Combinations are endless!

Another possibility is mixing several bracelet styles. Here you’ll see some ideas but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, as you know, you can contact me to customize your bracelet pack.

Style bracelet packs and bracelet sets for couples

Having trouble with which bracelets to stack? Add to your bracelet collection the style bracelet packs. Stacking bracelets with different styles for different people: aesthetic vsco bracelet packs, surfer bracelet sets, matching bracelet packs for men or women. Each stack features 4 or 5 bracelets that I’ve carefully selected and that look fantastic together. These multi-bracelet sets bring summer vibes to any season.

Also, there are bracelet sets that can be a perfect gift for couples. Each one can wear a different bracelets or both the same. Choose the size for each of them so that they fit your wrist perfectly.

Like every Cai Monkey Crafts bracelet, they adjust through a slipknot. Take them on and off as many times as you want. Whether you look for a tight-fitting or you like to wear them loose, you just have to slide the slipknot to make the bracelet tighter or looser. Moreover, they are water resistant. What does it mean? That these bracelets hold your active lifestyle, you can wear them while showering, swimming, working out, sleeping… these waterproof bracelets won’t be ruined by water and won’t fade out.

The bracelet to share with your couple will almost last forever. Don’t ever remove your bracelets, unless it is to make new bracelet combos!

Showing all 58 results