Drawstring bags

Handy drawstring bags that will leave your hands free. These backpacks are easy and perfect to carry your personal belongings to work, to school, to the gym or the pool.

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Printed fabric drawstring bags for school or gym

These fabric gym bags or school backpacks are very light and useful because you can keep your hands free. More and more people are replacing bags for casual backpacks that serve for numerous occasions. Drawstring bags are comfortable and versatile, an ideal accessory for everyone: kids, young and adults.

Simplicity is the main feature of cord backpacks, also called gym sacks. They have a large compartment where the closure is their own strings that serve as backpack handles. When you don’t use your gym sack you can fold it and don’t take up space in your wardrobe. They are handy to carry your personal belonging to school or work, to transport your gym clothes, walking around the city, spend the day on the beach o any activity.

How are drawstring bags made?

Cai Monkey Crafts backpacks are made of printed canvas fabric, a hard fabric resistant to wear and tear. They are sewn in a traditional way, paying attention to details in their designs so that you have functional backpacks that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Every backpack has reinforcement stitches at the bottom of the path where the strings go in order to prevent that part from wearing away.

The strings that are both the closure and the backpack handles are thick cords that feel comfortable and don’t dig into your shoulders even if you carry a heavy backpack. Moreover, the string closure guarantees that your things are safe inside.

Care instructions: machine washing max. 30ºC, no bleaching, no dry cleaning, iron at low temperature.

Showing all 6 results