Macrame anklets

Handwoven ankle bracelets made with macrame knots. Some of them have wooden and metal beads or semiprecious stones to bring about a special touch.

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Summer macrame anklets

These macrame ankle bracelets are perfect to wear in summer, at the beach or in the swimming pool. This surfer style anklets don’t get ruined if they get wet because they are made of polyester wax thread, which also makes them dry very fast. You will wear them every day and the color of the cord won’t fade out as time goes by.

You cal also take them off easily by sliding the slipknot to open the anklet and pass your foot through it. Then, you just need to adjust it to your ankle.

Bohemian beaded ankle bracelets

I use wooden, acrylic or metal beads in order to create ankle bracelets with different styles: hippie anklets, ethnic, bohemian or surfer anklets. Besides, all my macrame anklets can be personalized. I can make your anklet in other color or with different beads, or even a unique anklet with an exclusive design just for you.

Woven anklets with natural gemstones

Semiprecious stones have always been considered to have meaning and power. Some of them are linked to particular zodiac signs or months. In my shop you’ll find ankle bracelets with small chips of popular semiprecious stones as turquoise, amethyst and lapis lazuli.
Since each stone has a unique color and shape, each anklet will be entirely different.

Showing all 38 results