Friendship bracelets

Handcrafted friendship bracelets made of wax thread. Simple and comfortable so that you can wear them every day. They are adjustable and waterproof. You don’t need to take them off for showering or swimming.

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Why should you buy wax thread friendship bracelets?

Without doubt, because wax thread bracelets are waterproof. Wear these bracelets for years and you’ll see that they don’t loose its bright colors. Wear them all the time, even to the beach, the pool or the shower. Moreover, as they are woven with polyester cord they dry fast. Still, you can simply slide the slipknot and take them off when you want.

These comfy bracelets are designed to last a lifetime. That’s why I use best quality Brazilian wax cord to make them.

My friendship bracelets are unisex, men as well as women and kids can use them. For that reason, I offer several sizes with the intention that everybody choose the best size for them. I can also make a larger or smaller size if you need it.

Personalized the colors of your bracelet

All bracelets can be customized with the color of thread that you want. Choose among more than 40 bright colors. Likewise, you can select several colors and have a bracelet with your flag colors or your team colors.

In case you like a bracelet and it’s the option of picking your colors is not available, contact me, I’m always happy to take custom requests.

Bracelets, a gift for your best friend

These friendship bracelets are a simple accessory that everybody can wear. Traditionally, they are thought to be a gift just for friends, but they are also a little present that you can gift to your father, mother, sister, brother…

Whatever it is the relationship between you, buying a friendship bracelet and giving it to someone special serve to celebrate the relation with that person and remember that moment, that place.
For that, some people choose matching bracelets and both wear them as a keepsake.

These simple narrow bracelets are also perfect for gift giving as a wedding favor, party favor or event memento.

Showing all 30 results