Wide macrame cuff with rhodonite


Large macrame bracelet with rhodonite gemstone. It’s 100% handmade using macrame knots and waxed thread.

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Macrame cuff bracelet with wrapped gemstone

Wide cuff bracelet with wrapped semi-precious stone made with macrame knots. It has a rounded natural rhodonite stone. It is handcrafted using wax cord of Linhasita brand. This cord has a thin layer of wax that makes the bracelet durable and prevents color from fading out.

This unique gemstone and the intricate shapes made with macrame knots turn this cuff into an exclusive item that only you will have. Rhodonite is primarily a pinkish semiprecious stone that can have some black streaks, which makes it an original and appreciated crystal. It is said that rhodonite is a calming stone that gives self-confidence, promotes relaxation and balances the chakras. Moreover, it’s considered Taurus birthstone. You can also buy in my shop other pieces of jewelry with Taurus birthstones as the rose quartz bracelet.

One size fits all: bracelet length is 15 cm (6 inches). It fits most wrists because it is adjustable with a slipknot. This way you can also wear it looser or tighter. The bracelet has enough extra cord on the ends so that you can open it and get it through your hand.
Stone size: 3 cm diameter (1.2 inches)
Bracelet width: 4.5 cm (1.8 inches)

If you doubt if this size fits you, or if you are going to make a gift, please, contact me before buying.


14. Lilac, 15. Burgundy




15 cm (6 inches)


wax thread


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