Macrame bracelets

Here you will find simple friendship bracelets, wide cuffs and gemstone bracelets. All my bracelets have a sliding knot closure and are handcrafted using wax thread. Because of that, they are waterproof.

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Handmade macrame bracelets made with knots. My bracelets are made using high quality wax cord. This type of thread makes these bracelets tough and long-lasting. The thread is coated with wax so that they are waterproof and can get wet without being damaged. The color of the cord barely wash over the years even if you wear your bracelets daily for showering or swimming.

Anyway, all bracelets are adjustable with a slipknot closure. You can take them off and put them on when you want. Besides wax cord, I use natural stones and metal beads to give every bracelet a different style.

My goal is for all people to have a bracelet that completely fit their wrists. That’s why I offer several sizes for most of my bracelets, or if you need a larger or smaller size, I make it in your size. Thanks to the sliding knot, one-of-a-kind cuff bracelets fit people with different wrist sizes.

Showing all 91 results