Gemstone bracelets

Here you can buy bracelets with natural semiprecious stones, from narrow bracelets with chip stones to wide cuffs with wrapped semiprecious stones. Every stone is different and consequently every bracelet is a unique piece. All bracelets have a sliding knot to adjust it to your wrist.

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Macrame jewelry with crystals

Since ancient times gemstones and crystals have been attributed certain mysticism and power. Crystals not only enhance the jewelry value but also provide with their specific properties and meaning. Some of them are related to particular zodiac signs, months or chakras.

Choose your style of semiprecious stone bracelets. First, simple bracelets with natural stone chips, and second, complex cuff bracelets with wrapped stones.

Among the stones that I use are amethyst, lapis lazuli, jasper, obsidian, rose quartz and turquoise.

Simple bracelets with natural chip semiprecious stones

You can wear these simple chip bracelets every day, as they are very discreet and comfortable. As each chip stone has a unique color and shape, each bracelet will be different. Bracelets can be personalized with a different thread color or mixing several gemstones on the same bracelet. I’ll be glad to help you create your bracelet as desired.

One of a kind macrame cuffs with wrapped gemstones

However, if you’re seeking to buy a piece of jewelry for a special event, you’ll also discover one-of-a-kind macrame cuff bracelets with natural gemstones chosen for their extraordinary beauty. These cuffs have intricate and complex designs to create original macrame jewelry pieces.

I carefully select each stone and design the complex pattern of knot to craft unique handmade jewelry that is beautiful as well as durable. Each of these bracelets is one of a kind and one size fits all, but they fit most people’s wrists because they have a slipknot closure.

Statement jewelry as a perfect gift for someone special, or why not simply treat yourself? You deserve it!

Showing all 19 results