Braided anklets personalized colors


Personalize your anklet with 3 colors of your choice. These braided anklets are handmade with macrame knotting and can be tied with a basic knot.


This macrame braided anklets can be personalized with 3 colors of your choice. Pick 3 colors among a great variety of thread colors to create a custom ankle bracelet with your flag or your team colors, or simply, select 3 colors you love.

If you don’t feel inspired to choose your own colors, select one of the color combinations that I already made here.

These braided macrame ankle bracelets are totally handmade with wax cord. Each has 3 threads of different colors that are woven by hand to create a spike pattern.

Depending on the combination of colors that you choose you’ll have a more discreet or colorful anklet. Show off you foot bracelet in summer when you go to the beach. Your anklet won’t be ruined by water, nor will it lose its colors because it’s waterproof. You’ll enjoy these casual anklets for many years.

These ankle bracelets can be wear by women, men, or I can even make smaller sizes for kids. They all have enough string at the ends so that you can tie them with a couple of knots.

– Standard: 22 cm (8.7 inches). Fits ankles between 20.5 and 25.5 cm (8 to 10 inches). It can be opened until 32 cm to allow your foot to pass through.
– Made-to-measure. I’ll make the anklet of the length you need so that it fits your ankle perfectly. Select this option when your ankle circumference is less than 20.5 cm (8 inches) or more than 25.5. cm (10 inches).

Pick one of the already made color combos (marked with numbers in the photos) or choose the “personalized” option and pick 3 colors to customize your own ankle bracelet.


0.7 cm

Sliding knot closure



wax thread


standard: 22 cm, made-to-measure


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