Keep your things organized and carry them safely with these accessories: drawstring backpacks, pencil or cosmetic cases and tobacco pouches.

Fabric cases with zipper

With these funny printed fabric cases you’ll carry in one place all those small accessories that you need every day. You won’t lose them again at the bottom of your bag or backpack. Store your pens and pencils, care products and make-up, sewing accessories, meds
, anything you need.

School or gym drawstring backpacks

These drawstring backpacks are light and handy to carry your personal belongings to work, to school, to the gym or the pool keeping your hands free. Their closure is through their own strings that serve as backpack handles, securing your items inside. These printed canvas backpacks are designed so that you can wear them every day for years to come.

Tobacco pouches with pockets

These rolling tobacco bags make storage and transportation of tobacco, filters and lighter easier. It’s a very handy accessory for smokers because everything you need for rolling your own tobacco is in one bag.

These fabric tobacco pouches have inner lining and feature a large zipper compartment where you can keep your tobacco package open but well preserved. Moreover, they have two extra pockets to have lighter, filters and rolling paper around.