About me

Who is Cai Monkey Crafts?

My name is Ester. I consider myself an artisan but I studied Biology.

Since I was a little girl I liked making thread bracelets. I loved wearing them and never take them off, but I felt very disappointed when shortly after making them they looked old and faded.

I guess you can understand even more my upset when at the end they ended up ruined and I lost them.

Because a bracelet is not just a pretty accessory, each bracelet means something, a person, a place, a moment.

All this changed in 2014, when my job took me to Argentina to do some research about the behavior of capuchin monkeys and I discovered wax thread. Among monkeys, mate, caipirinhas and the most stunning waterfalls in the world I happened to learn the amazing thing I could do with wax thread and I started making my first bracelets.

When I came back to Spain I had so many bracelets as to begin selling them. I decided to open my online store and I named it Cai Monkey Crafts. Cai comes from the guarani name for capuchin monkeys and I thought that was the best way to remember where my small business was born.

Owning and online shop allowed me to continue selling my bracelets while I was still studying monkeys in various countries, until in 2017 I completely shifted monkeys for threads and macrame knots.

Why should you choose wax thread bracelets?

You’ll agree with me that the perfect thread bracelet lasts many years, its color doesn’t fade out and you can wear it all the time even for swimming or showering. You get all these with wax thread.

Bracelets made of wax cord are very durable and even waterproof. A thin wax layer makes water resistant bracelets that you will enjoy for many years. Wear them every day, never take them off, not even for the beach or the pool. Colors don’t wash out and also, bracelets dry very fast.

Another advantage of using wax cord is that I can burn the ends of the thread, securing the knots so that they don’t come undone. Thanks to that, it’s very easy to make sliding knots to have adjustable bracelets that fit your wrist perfectly.

For that reason, if you are a person who often likes taking your bracelets off, all my bracelets have a slipknot closure so that you can take them off and easily.

Handcrafted products from person to person

All items in my shop are handcrafted artisan products, handmade by me. I design them, make them, put them into a package and answer any questions you may have.

I believe in small businesses and personal relationships between seller and buyer. I’m proud that most of my bracelets and anklets can be personalized with the colors or beads you like.

When you order something at Cai Monkey Crafts you’ll be directly talking with the same person that is going to take care that your product is just as you imagine.

Do you want to see those bracelets and anklets that will last forever?