Thread bracelets and anklets

Waterproof, adjustable and personalized

Bracelets and anklets made of thread that will last forever

Are you one of those who thinks the more bracelets the better? You don’t even take off your bracelets to shower or swim? Do you enjoy personalizing your accessories?

At Cai Monkey Crafts you will discover macrame bracelets, anklets and necklaces that fit your active lifestyle. Adjust them to wear them looser or tighter. Wear them all the time or take them off whenever you want. Customize the designs with your own colors or beads.

Macrame bracelets

Pulseras de la amistad sencillas de hilo encerado en colores variados con nudo corredizo
Pulsera de macramé unisex con patrón escocés tejida artesanalmente con nudos

Bracelet packs

Pulseras amistad muchos hilos de colores variados
Pack pulseras de hilo verano
Pack de pulseras vsco de hilo encerado para chicas
Pack de 4 pulseras de la amistad de hilo encerado para chico o chica

Macrame anklets

Tobillera trenzada con nudos de macramé de hilo encerado resistente al agua
Tobilleras bohemias con cuentas de metal hechas a mano


Mochila saco con cordones estampado flores
Compra este estuche para el colegio con tela de matemáticas

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At Cai Monkey Crafts you will find handmade thread bracelets and knotted macrame anklets: friendship bracelets, surfer bracelets, wide cuff bracelets, bohemian and hippie jewelry inspired by nature and the beach.
I use wax polyester thread for my handmade bracelets. This kind of thread is covered with a thin layer of wax which gives it a strange feeling when you touch it for the first time, but which is the key to turn them into waterproof bracelets. You can wear your bracelet everyday. They hold up your active lifestyle. Swim, go to the gym, the beach, the pool, sleep with them on… and they will keep their consistency and vibrant colors years after. Besides, they dry fast, so that you don’t have to take them off or worry about them.
Because of that, these colorful bracelets are perfect to display on a beach day, in summer or any time of year.
We love thread bracelets because each of them means something, reminds us of a special person or transports us somewhere. For that reason, we like wearing them everyday and don’t want them to be ruined or lost. I put a lot of care and effort into each of these simple bracelets and I use high quality materials to make sure you can enjoy them for a long time.

Adjustable macrame bracelets and woven anklets

Most of my macrame bracelets and woven ankle bracelets are adjustable because they have a sliding knot closure. Like this, taking them off and back on is easy and simple. Also, the slipknot let you open your bracelet or anklet and pass your hand or foot through it. After that, you’ll only have to adjust it again to your wrist or ankle.
In my shop you’ll find unisex bracelets and anklets, with designs for man as well as for woman. Choose the bracelet that fits you best among the various sizes available or I can make your bracelet made-to-measure, in the length you need. You’ll also see colorful bracelets for kids with bright colors, since I can make any bracelet for children.
Shop also custom color bracelets and flag or team bracelets. And, if you dream of having a bracelet specially designed for you, I’m here to custom it for you.

Handmade macrame jewelry made in Spain

Macrame is the art of combining knots to craft handmade textiles. All products in my store are handcrafted by me in Spain. I can create intricate forms and complex designs to produce original macrame jewelry pieces.
Besides wax thread I use wooden or metal beads and natural gemstones to design bracelets, anklets and necklaces with stones. Each semiprecious stone has different shades of color and shapes and as a result, every product would be unique. You will have an exclusive piece of handmade macrame jewelry.